Dairy is Scary – World Vegan Month



Happy World Vegan month!
I’ve been wanting to share my view on wearing gentle activism and why it is important to me.
We should not wear anything that scares people away from the message you want them to consider thinking deeply about.
We must wear our cause with the understanding that: the older you get the more conditioned you are to the  years of background programming within us that determines how we individually connected with this world. Deep set ideologies are not simply undone from one conversation or interaction. It’s a slow process, and it requires individuals to do their own research and make their own realisations.  This isn’t easy for most, it might mean letting go of friendships that do not serve them well or being the odd one out for a little while. Change is inevitable, and if we don’t embrace it we will become victims of a harbouring traditions that do nothing to serve our wellbeing. Meanwhile destroying the lives of sentient beings that this world has chosen to exploit for nothing but money.

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