Vegan Yarn Haul – Wool and the Gang

I was so excited when I received my order from Wool and The Gang.

As soon as the box arrived I knew I was in for something special!

So I wasn’t completely anti Black Friday this year as I expected to be. Instead I shopped carefully. Meaning, I chose a company I believed in and that I believe operates consciously.

 I first stumbled across Wool and the Gang’s kits in John Lewis over a month ago and fell in love with the idea of knitting my own jumper!

The first kit that grabbed my attention was the ‘PIAZZA SHOULDER BAG’.

I chose this bag in particular because it reminded me of the bags my granny used to go to markets with! The kit includes mix taped yarn that is a blend of cotton and polyester (aka Vegan friendly!). From the outset it looks super strong too, everything you need to carry a bag full of bananas back home in!

I have to say that the clean packaging is perfect! Zero plastic!

I decided on ‘indigo ink’ as the colour of choice! Although I love bright colours in my design work I’m no longer brave enough to wear them too close to my skin! So I thought this dark grey hue would compliment the navy and black I tend to wear more often.


So this is what the kit contains:

X4 Mix Tape

X1 #madeuniquebyme label

X1 Chunky needle

X1 Piazza Shoulder Bag Pattern booklet

You can also add a wooden crochet hook to your order if you don’t own one already or are buying this for somebody as a gift.

Honestly, I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to crochet. I can do the basics but do struggle with following patterns! I’m excited to get stuck into tangliatelli of yarn!

 I even bought extra yarn to make a second bag as a gift!

  I splashed out on some Shiny Happy Cotton in Red Ochre and purple haze. I’m planning on knitting myself a winter beanie in the red!

I was expecting the cotton to be very stiff but the texture is so soft! You can feel the extraordinary quality! And the sheen you get from it is formidable, I feel like I have just picked an apple! ‘ It’s silky soft hand-picked cotton from the north coast of Peru’. The product description does not lie!

Vegan Yarn Haul - Wool and the Gang

I plan to start knitting and crocheting over the Christmas holidays and I can’t wait to show you my progress or what might become a disaster!
Vegan Yarn Haul - Wool and the Gang

I will be in need some motivation! Please show me what you have knitted or crocheted by leaving a link in the comments below!

* Photographs are shot using a Canon EOS 700D

4 thoughts on “Vegan Yarn Haul – Wool and the Gang”

  1. Hey Sonia, I share you’re knit&crochet interest and I’d love to try out the Piazza Shoulder Bag. Really looks like my grandmother could had designed it but it’s perfect for summer!
    I would be happy if you’d like to exchange Pattern Booklets! I could offer you Etta Cardigan or Right Time Shirt in englisch, I got a whole bunch more unfortunately in German.
    Looking forward to your response! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Larry!
      Thanks so much for your comment! I picked the Piazza bag for the very same reason! I’m sure my grandma had something similar when I was growing up! Very nostalgic!
      Unfortunately, I’ve been a bit useless lately, I’ve not started on the bag yet! So I will have to keep hold of the pattern book until I do. Once completed I will definitely be interested in doing a pattern swap! I think that’s a great idea!
      Thank you again for sending your message, It’s given me the push I need to get crocheting again! I will be taking some photo’s and notes of my progress and will eventual share this on the blog and definitely via my Instagram!
      I hope you are having a lovely week and thanks again for stopping by! x


      1. Thanks for that fast answer! If you like we can exchange like Screenshots via Email, just mail me, I will respond!
        And I wish you lots of motivation and fun while crocheting, spring is just around the corner, you will feel great finishing it! x


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