DIY Frida Kahlo Embroidered patch

Recorded a while a go, I have finally put together this Beginners level Frida Kahlo Embroidery patch Tutorial for you with a PDF download that includes all the deets to get you started!


Frida Kahlo Style Patch Template

I have included colour codes of the DMC and Anchor threads I have used, but you can use whatever brand you prefer or what you have available to you.

In this video tutorial we will be working with Running, Stem and Satin embroidery stitches to create this inspirational embroidery of Frida.

Frida Kahlo Face embroidery onto white cloth surrounded by embroidery threads and sewing needle.

Here is a list of tools you may need if you’re not equipped already!

dmc and anchor embroidery floss, embroidery hoop, retractable pencil and fabric for craft.

I’ve really enjoyed putting this tutorial together! Let me know how you get on stitching your patch and what else you would like to see embroidered! And I might just create a tutorial for that too!

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