Sonia Bienek is behind ‘Sonia B Textiles’ and is  a North London based  Textiles Designer and Maker.

Welcome to my Blog! This was started back in 2007- 2008 ! Can you believe it! If you can be bothered to look back far enough you will find some uni work of mine. My textiles work is looking quite different to what I am doing now.

If you are stumbling across Sonia B for the first time, then, Sonia B Textiles was created as  an outlet to  engineer  printed and embellished textiles and accessories. Print designs begin as painterly strokes onto paper, and are then digitally manipulated to achieve the bright and playful prints.

Our ethos is to create consciously. These everyday accessories have been born out of a reaction to go against  fast fashion and high street chains. Creating accessories that are affordable and long lasting. Connecting the maker to their customer’s is something that is thought of throughout the design to dispatch process.

You can expect some designer/feminist/activist rants on the blog, so stick around with caution 😉

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