Experimental Embroidery for Fashion and Textiles

embroidery-course-experimental-sonia-bienek-textiles-london copyStarting from Wednesday 27th February until Wednesday 3rd April, I’ll be tutoring at City Lit. Classes are from 6pm until 9pm.

A creative and non-traditional approach to hand embroidery, exploring stitch techniques and materials in your own personalised way to leave an impression on an existing garment or textiles piece.

More info can be found  on the City Lit website.

Vegan Yarn Haul – Wool and the Gang

I was so excited when I received my order from Wool and The Gang.

As soon as the box arrived I knew I was in for something special!

So I wasn’t completely anti Black Friday this year as I expected to be. Instead I shopped carefully. Meaning, I chose a company I believed in and that I believe operates consciously.

 I first stumbled across Wool and the Gang’s kits in John Lewis over a month ago and fell in love with the idea of knitting my own jumper!

The first kit that grabbed my attention was the ‘PIAZZA SHOULDER BAG’.

I chose this bag in particular because it reminded me of the bags my granny used to go to markets with! The kit includes mix taped yarn that is a blend of cotton and polyester (aka Vegan friendly!). From the outset it looks super strong too, everything you need to carry a bag full of bananas back home in!

I have to say that the clean packaging is perfect! Zero plastic!

I decided on ‘indigo ink’ as the colour of choice! Although I love bright colours in my design work I’m no longer brave enough to wear them too close to my skin! So I thought this dark grey hue would compliment the navy and black I tend to wear more often.


So this is what the kit contains:

X4 Mix Tape

X1 #madeuniquebyme label

X1 Chunky needle

X1 Piazza Shoulder Bag Pattern booklet

You can also add a wooden crochet hook to your order if you don’t own one already or are buying this for somebody as a gift.

Honestly, I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to crochet. I can do the basics but do struggle with following patterns! I’m excited to get stuck into tangliatelli of yarn!

 I even bought extra yarn to make a second bag as a gift!

  I splashed out on some Shiny Happy Cotton in Red Ochre and purple haze. I’m planning on knitting myself a winter beanie in the red!

I was expecting the cotton to be very stiff but the texture is so soft! You can feel the extraordinary quality! And the sheen you get from it is formidable, I feel like I have just picked an apple! ‘ It’s silky soft hand-picked cotton from the north coast of Peru’. The product description does not lie!

Vegan Yarn Haul - Wool and the Gang

I plan to start knitting and crocheting over the Christmas holidays and I can’t wait to show you my progress or what might become a disaster!
Vegan Yarn Haul - Wool and the Gang

I will be in need some motivation! Please show me what you have knitted or crocheted by leaving a link in the comments below!

* Photographs are shot using a Canon EOS 700D

Practicing Flatlay Photography for Product Photography

As an independent maker, You are supposed to wear all the hats! Maker, Designer, Accountant, Marketer etc…  Today I’m going to show you some of my efforts as the Photographer.

I’ve been waiting for some good natural light for a couple of days now. I especially wanted to try flatlay photography as I felt this is something my etsy store is missing from some of my items listings!

I’m not an expert here, I heavily rely on my Canon EOS 700D to do all the hard work and Photoshop to correct lighting.