Experimental Embroidery for Fashion and Textiles

embroidery-course-experimental-sonia-bienek-textiles-london copyStarting from Wednesday 27th February until Wednesday 3rd April, I’ll be tutoring at City Lit. Classes are from 6pm until 9pm.

A creative and non-traditional approach to hand embroidery, exploring stitch techniques and materials in your own personalised way to leave an impression on an existing garment or textiles piece.

More info can be found  on the City Lit website.

Speculate, interpret, embellish and embroider

‘An introduction to the world of embroidery and embellishment. Explore a concept of your choice through experimentation with embroidery and embellishment techniques using hand and machine methods’

I will be teaching a 5 week course at CityLit in March through to April next year.

This is a jam packed course that will give you the opportunity to open up your portfolio to a range of hand and machine embroidery methods geared towards your chosen concept.

It will cover:
 -Embroidery and embellishment techniques
– How to use inspiration from practicing artists and designers
– Research design and drawing skills
– Creating mood boards and sketchbooks
– Using social media and web portfolios as a platform to reach new audiences and showcase creative  work.

Check out the link here