How to Make a Sassy Avocado Patch!

Free avocado embroidery patch design template, with video tutorial to accompany it!

It’s here! Im really excited to have created this avocado embroidery patch video and PDF download for you!

I have included the materials and threads that I have used, but you can use whatever brand you prefer or what you have available to you.

In this video tutorial we will be working with stab, stem and satin embroidery stitches to create our fab sassy avocado patch! We will also finish with applying iron-on adhesive so you can apply your patch to almost anything once it is finished!


Sassy Avocado Patch Design template



Here is a list of tools you may need if you’re not equipped already!


I’ve really enjoyed putting this tutorial together! Let me know how you get on making your patch and what other fruit you would like to embroider! And I might just make a tutorial for that too!